Studying God’s Word
At Fremont Alliance Church we offer several regular hard-copy devotional resources such as Our Daily Bread for your reading and study of the Work of God.  They are available in the foyer of the Church. 
However, there are also several options available online and on smart devices.  We only offer a few here to get you started.  There are resources such as the Blue Letter Bible App, the Bible + by Olive Tree, the YouVersion Bible App and the Bible Gateway App. 
We only discuss the YouVersion Bible App below since we use their Events to publish the weekly sermon notes online.  And one of the best features of this app is the ability to catch up if you miss a day.  Gone is all the pressure of making up all of your missed readings to stay on schedule!
Recommended Bible App Study Plans
Click on the links below to explore some excellent bible study plans on the YouVersion Bible App. Remember – you do not have to read the Word of God from your smart device when using the Bible App – you can use the reading plans to guide your study and read straight from your favorite hard-copy Bible!
Whole Bible – One Year Plans
Reading God’s Story – a 6 day a week bible study that takes the material of the Bible and organizes it to flow in chronological order.  This plan is good because it gives you that day off during the week .  I liked to sync the plan so that my Sundays would be my day off.
Chronological– The Blue Letter Bible “Chronological” plan is compiled according to recent historical research, taking into account the order in which the recorded events actually occurred. This plan is the plan that helped me to read through the entire bible for the first time – and several times since!
Let’s Read the Bible Together – There is a Let’s Read the Bible Together plan for every month of the year – this example is Part 1 (January) of a 12-part series, this plan leads communities through the whole Bible together in 365 days.   Skip a month if you must.  But invite others to join in every time you start a new part each month. This series works well with audio Bibles—listen in less than 20 minutes per day! Each section includes Old and New Testament chapters, with Psalms scattered throughout. Part 1 features the books of Luke, Acts, Daniel, and Genesis.
Partial Bible
Deeper Into Scripture– This plan encourages you to examine scripture multiple times (4) with a different approach to the reading each time.  These plans are usually about a week in length.  There are Deeper Into Scripture plans for many books of the bible, this example is for the Gospel of Mark.
Be Right: A Study in Romans – Martin Luther described Romans as “the most important piece in the New Testament.” Soak your soul in it daily with Warren W. Weirsbe’s classic commentary “Be Right: How to Be Right With God, Yourself, and Others.” 7 day Study.