Family time is important…
We know that it can be difficult in this fast-paced society for families to find time to be involved in church. So we made it easier! On Wednesday nights at Fremont Alliance, we offer a variety of programs for the whole family. And to help out…we’ll even make dinner!
Family Dinner
We recognize that it can be difficult for parents to come home from work, prepare a meal, clean up, then turn around and try to get everyone out the door for church. So we decided to make it easier for families. Every week, we provide a delicious, healthy, balanced meal for the whole family starting at 5:45pm. Dinner is free, although we do accept donations to help offset the costs.
Family Worship
At 6:30pm, everybody comes together for a family worship service. The service is part of the “kick off” for our AWANA Club (see below) so it’s geared toward children, with fun songs, a Bible story video, and a brief lesson. It’s a great way for families to grow together.
Our midweek program for children, AWANA Club, offers children the opportunity to memorize God’s Word, learn biblical truths, and have lots of fun in the process!
Get the most up to date information about Fremont Alliance Awana by visiting our Awana Facebook Page – CLICK HERE
Adults can join us in the Sanctuary for our Bible study, The Gospel Project.
While the adults are doing their Bible study and the children are in AWANA, the kids in grades 6-12 have a place where they can go as well! VERTICAL is the youth group at Fremont Alliance Church! We are a fun, loving group of teens that are passionate about our faith in Jesus Christ! Come and see what VERTICAL is all about! For more information click here.