Get Connected to one of our Sunday School Classes every Sunday at 9:30am!!

For Men & Women:
  • “Prophecies in the Gospels,” taught by Lamar Baker and Charlie Palmer
  • “Isreal: Land of Promise” (using the video series “That the World May Know” by Ray VaderLaan) taught by Jon & Barb Fehl
For Men:
  • Topic to be determined. (No, really the topic has still to be determined. Not the name of the class) taught by Herb Miller
  • Young Men’s class (18-25) taught by Josh Lamale. Also, topic to be determined. Class starts 9/1/2018
For Ladies:
  • “Ephesians” taught by Judy Griggs
  • “Women of the Bible” taught by Michelle Merrill
We also provide nursery and Sunday School Classes for all grade levels for your children as we teach through David C Cook Sunday School materials.